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The GameChanger® is the revolutionary new dog toy that will keep your dog busy in a good way. Simply open up (easy for humans but challenging for dogs) the GameChanger® and fill with your dog's favorite kibble or tiny treats. They will be happily occupied figuring out how to make the GameChanger® spill out the treats. This is ideal for a dog that needs to be kept occupied while alone due to boredom or anxiety.

Suggested Guidelines for Use for the GameChanger®

  1. In general, always supervise your puppy when you give them a new toy.
  2. Open the GameChanger by peeling from the edge.
  3. See if your pup’s kibble or favorite treats will fit through the holes.
  4. Spread some food into each of the four chambers and let your pup see and smell the food inside the open toy.  It’s ok if he even steals some food while sniffing. J
  5. Close the 2 halves together making sure that the wholes are NOT aligned (this is Easy Mode).
  6. Then crouch down and flick the toy a bit to encourage your pup to investigate. Some dogs will catch on right away.  Others need a bit of encouragement so this can take some time.
  7. If your pup starts flipping it with his nose and paws, then he gets the concept of the toy!
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Provides a safe and fun way to satisfy a dog's natural desire to chew by reacting to your dog’s bite - reflexing back when your dog bites down on it.
  • Potentially avoids boredom for a period of time. Boredom is often the cause of behavioral issues for dogs such as destructive behavior or anxiety.
  • Is safer for your dog's teeth than hard toys that can potentially chip or wear teeth down.
  • Made of Flexa-Pure - a soft but sturdy, washable (hand wash ONLY - no dishwasher), durable non-toxic PBA-free polyurethane material. It is a quiet toy if bounced around because it is made of the soft material – great if you live in an apartment or have hard wood floors.
  • Two halves that lock together means you can mix and match colors.
  • Comes in four (4) vibrant colors – Red, Blue, Lime Green, Yellow
  • Current size works well for dog 15 lbs. and up.  Some smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies may not be strong enough to play with our toy but we leave that to you to decide. 
  • We hope to have a version for smaller dogs by the end of 2017.

List of the comments:
2016-01-14 02:05
We received the Game Changer for Christmas, put it together and gave it to our 7 month old puppy. She has been busy all day playing with it, trying to get to the treats, rolling it all over the house! First toy she has not chewed apart immediately and it has kept her busy! Looks like like a success in our home. Thanks!
2016-01-13 23:56
Our 2 yr lab loves this. He has figured out how to open it. Only problem I have is finding treats that are small enough to fall through the holes. I've had to cut treats in half.
2015-10-18 17:35
Hi! I ordered two of these for my dogs (beagle and beagle/terrier mix) and they LOVE them! The only time I hear from either of them is when they push it under the sofa or they think it is empty! Thank you so much for such a great product. I highly recommend this toy.
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