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$9.99 each

Brand: Bark Busters


WaggTagg™ is the new way to help find your dog (or cat) if he goes missing. When someone finds your dog, they will either scan the unique QR code on the WaggTagg or enter the WaggTagg ID on our website. The person that found your dog, is then able to contact you.

You control how the finder contacts you from your account on the WaggTagg™ website. You can add a photo of your dog and additional information that will help the finder identify your dog and get in touch with you.

There are no ongoing subscriptions.  This is a terrific inexpensive complement to your dog's Microchip. 

Once you receive your WaggTagg simply follow the instructions to create your user account and register the WaggTagg at www.waggtagg.com.  

Add up to 5 emergency contacts to your account i.e. family, friends, your Vet, your trainer which greatly increases the chance of you finding your fur baby!

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