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The WaggWalker® Dog Walking Communication Harness

Dog HarnessThe WaggWalker® is a kind and gentle way to train your dog to walk by your side. If your dog begins to pull forward, simply use a "flick and release" of your leash and the harness employs a zipping sound through its chain that lies across the dog’s chest. This sound is used to communicate with your dog so that he learns to focus on you and know exactly where you want him to walk as you guide him to your side.

The revolutionary WaggWalker® Dog Walking Communication Harness is easy to use and requires little effort to get your dog to walk by your side. It fits and adjusts easily to the size of your dog.


Free Harness Safety ClipsFree Bonus Safety Clip

The WaggWalker includes a bonus safety clip. The bonus safety clip is attached to your dog’s conventional collar providing you with a total safety package when walking with your dog.


Free Sherpa Comfort Cover

Now we have made the WaggWalker® even better!  As of October 28, 2016, you wil receive a FREE set of the Sherpa Comfort Cover.  A dog’s underarm area is especially sensitive so we have created these covers specifically for your dog’s comfort. This soft material is gentle to the touch and was designed to help to avoid any potential rubbing or chaffing of your dog’s skin.  

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