GameChanger® Instructions

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Suggested Guidelines for Use for the GameChanger®


In general, always supervise your puppy when you give them a new toy.

If your dog gets the toy open, you should take the toy away and give it back at another time.

1. Open the GameChanger® by peeling from the edge.

2. See if your pup’s dry food or favorite treats will fit through the holes.

3. Spread some food into each of the four chambers and let your pup see and smell the food inside the open toy. It’s ok if he even steals some food while sniffing.

4. Close the 2 halves together making sure that the wholes are NOT aligned (this is Easy Mode).

GC Instrcutions

5. Then crouch down and flick the toy a bit to encourage your pup to investigate. Some dogs will catch on right away. Others need a bit of encouragement so this can take some time.

6. If your pup starts flipping it with his nose and hitting it with his paws, then he gets the concept of the toy!

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