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WaggWalker® Dog Walking Communication Harness - Only Comes in Blue

WaggWalker Dog Harness sizing_guidelines sizing_chart WaggWalker Dog Training Harness WaggWalker Dog Training Harness
$34.99 each

Brand: Bark Busters



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Make pulling on the lead a thing of the past. This one-of-a-kind harness is easy to use and needs little effort to get your dog walking by your side using it's patented, revolutionary communication system.

With it's range of sizes it's easy to find the perfect fit for your dog. The patented communication harness EDUCATES your dog to walk calmly by your side using a flick and release motion. The sound encourages your dog to "think" and in no time at all your dog will be listening to you making your walk a pleasure.

Now we have made the WaggWalker® even better!  As of October 28, 2016, you will receive a FREE set of the Sherpa Comfort Covers with the purchase of a new WaggWalker®.  

A dog’s underarm area is especially sensitive so we have created these covers specifically for your dog’s comfort. This soft material is gentle to the touch and was designed to help to avoid any potential rubbing or chaffing of your dog’s skin.  

WaggWalker® Suggested Guidelines for Use:

Thank you for your interest in The WaggWalker® which we feel is the best training tool on the market to help teach a dog how to walk at your side.  However, like every tool, it must be used properly.  Here are some suggestions for you to get the most out of our product.  We also have instructional videos on our site as well:

  1. Always fit the harness on your dog inside your home so that there is no chance of him slipping away from you and running away.
  2. Make sure the harness fits snug but not too tightly as to irritate your dog's skin especially in their armpits and chest.
  3. To help with fitting, we suggest adjusting the BLUE strap on the back to make it as short as it will go. This helps to make sure the chain sits across the chest and does not sag down. Then adjust the BLACK strap underneath until it fits snug but not too tight.
  4. Once the harness is fitted properly, clip safety strap to their existing collar and clip the leash onto the furthest ring away from you on the harness.  For example, if you walk you dog on your left, then clip the left ring only.  Once your leash is clipped on, walk your dog around inside your home and practice the "Flick and Release."  Give your dog a few minutes to get used to the harness especially if he has never worn a harness before.
  5. While practicing in your home, when you “flick & release”, you want the chain to make a quick "zip" sound.  Do this as your dog's front legs are even with yours. Immediately, turn left or right (in the opposite direction away from your dog) and encourage your dog to follow you.  If your dog looks up at you, immediately reward with praise and/or a treat.
  6. When you first get outside, don’t go right into your normal walk.  Do some practice turns for a few minutes to give your dog some time to learn what you want from him.
  7. Do not proceed forward if your dog is not responding to you and is pulling hard.  Go back inside and practice some more. 
  8. Do not try to HOLD your dog back using The WaggWalker.  If you hold your leash very short and tight with any harness, it will dig into your dog's skin and possibly irritate it.  
  9. Do not leave the harness and/or leash on your dog if he is unsupervised.
  10. Do not take your dog for long walks with this harness. It is a training tool intended to help teach your dog to walk with you which can take time. Your walks should be short and specifically focused on training your dog.  For example, three (3) ten minute training walks will be more likely to educate your dog than a 30 minute walk on your normal route.
  11. We recommend that you do not use extendable/retractable leashes with our harness.
  12. We recommend our harness for puppies of at least 6 months of age or older.


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List of the comments:
2016-02-16 07:38
My dog, Abi always pulls my arm off when we take walks, especially when she sees another dog. We have tried numerous types of collars and chains in the past. This past summer, My husband and I were walking her in Solana Beach, and 2 people recommended the Wagg Walker Harness! Abi is learning not to pull now, and now feel this harness has been the best purchase we could’ve made.
2015-09-19 08:44
I just purchased the WaggWalker for my puggle who is so unruly on her walks, she is always in the beagle hunter mode distracted by squirrels, birds, other dogs...... We just went on our first walk with the WaggWalker, and what a difference! Our walk was enjoyable as opposed to dreaded! Thank you so much, please pass the word on to the inventor if you have access to him!
This person has bought this item.
2015-08-09 19:37
I got one of your WaggWalker harnesses at Super Zoo in Las Vegas. I have a 22 month old Pit. I have tried a gentle leader which he just roles himself until I take it off. I have tried a nylon choke with a traffic lead, which he still pulled on even after months of daily walks. From the first day of putting on his new WaggWalker he walked better. He only pulled a couple times the first three times I walked him. He no longer pulls and even my niece can walk him, she has never trained a dog before. She watched your video online and started walking Gus the first day. Gus gets very excited when he sees other people and dogs when he's on his walks, he thinks everyone wants to play...now he just sits and makes noises to let us know he still wants to play. I would highly recommend the WaggWalker for anyone who has a dog who pulls. I even plan to order a couple WaggWalkers for the shelter I volunteer at when we start taking the dogs back to Petsmarts in attempts to get them adopted. Thank you for this great tool.
2015-06-22 16:05
I had tried many anti-pull products previously including limited slip collars, harnesses etc. I found it difficult having a brachycephalic dog as a Halti head collar would have been an ideal choice, but he has no muzzle! The WaggWalker was given to me by a colleague to try out and it has really changed my life! I worried that my mother would not be able to handle walking my dog Winston whilst I was on holiday but the WaggWalker made me feel confident that she could take him on daily walks without being dragged around! He soon learnt to walk to heal and now even does so without the harness. It also improved his off lead walking position and he remains much closer to me now. I would highly recommend this product to any dog or puppy owner who battles with their dog pulling, making walks a chore rather than an enjoyable experience you share with your four legged friends.
2015-06-02 21:13
After trying every single dog harness on the market I have finally found one that works. The WaggWalker makes walking my dog an absolute pleasure. My dog walks so nicely by my side, no more pulling or tripping me up. Along with Bark Busters training this has been the perfect tool for a perfectly behaved dog on our walks. It has even kept him focused while there are a lot of distractions going on around him. It is easy to put on / use and there is no more yanking, choking or pulling. All you need is the WaggWalker.
2015-02-11 14:47
I keep meaning to contact you to tell you the harness for Chloe has made a huge difference for walks. We haven't had a chance to run her yet with it, but it seems like it will yield great results. She is just more alert and tuned in when she has it on. It has made a huge difference! Thank you.
2014-12-27 10:24
I can't thank you enough for the new harness you brought for Mollie. We just returned from the most enjoyable walk we've ever had together. No more pulling!! Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you in January. Have a great new year.
2014-11-20 19:02
We have introduced both dogs to the WaggWalker Harness... and what a difference! The second owner, in particular, hailed it as a miracle - "The first time I've ever enjoyed walking this dog!". When we left her at the end of this afternoon's lesson, she was walking her French Bulldog down her street with zero pulling, the dog's tail was just wagging with joy, and I swear if the owner had a tail it would have been doing exactly the same!
2014-10-02 22:14
My trainer is Rob Machi he gave me the WaggWalker for my 2 dogs this past Friday and I see a significant difference when walking them. Casey is very nervous outside and is constantly pulling and killing my arm she weighs around 82 lbs as soon as I started using the WaggWalker she doesn't pull at all. My other dog Sable is very hard to control when she sees another dog last night when my husband and I were walking the dogs Sable saw 2 dogs walking together my husband was able to get better control of Sable with the WaggWalker. We are truly amazed with this product and how wonderful it works

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